Let June exists to enhance the lives of children and young people who live or study in North Kirklees and are aged up to 17 at the start of the academic year. Applications must be submitted by third-party professionals, including teachers, social workers and faith leaders and are welcomed throughout the year.


The starting point in the process is the completion by a third party professional of our application form. This can be done either using our online form, or via email, or posting a hard copy to the charity’s mailing address. We will not accept applications directly from the family of the child or young person. The form provides the Trustees with confirmation of age and geography, financial need within the family unit and a presentation on the impact any award we subsequently make will have on the individual young person. This is a key element in our approval process.

We use the receipt of Pupil Premium as a proxy to confirm financial eligibility. In the event that this does not apply, we will require a simple confirmation of financial need through a review of household income and expenditure. On receipt of the application form and any other supporting information, we aim to reach a decision on whether to proceed with an award within two weeks.


Our aim is to help children who are referred to us as a result of financial difficulties, illness or other challenging circumstances. We will provide one-off grants in whole or in part towards the purchase of a specific item.

Examples of our grants include school or college supplies, medical equipment and life-enhancing adventures. Sometimes we will make a contribution to a major item of expenditure in conjunction with other like-minded organisations.

We cannot provide assistance towards existing debt repayments, recurring expenses such as rent and utility bills, white goods, furniture or fixtures and fittings. We will consider grants of all sizes although it is unlikely that an individual award will be greater than £500.


To apply, download a copy of our application form which can either be emailed to [email protected] or posted to the charity mailing address found at the bottom of this page.

Please note, our online application form is not working correctly. If you have tried to submit an application using the online form, please resubmit using the downloadable form in the link. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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