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Supporting schools during lockdown

Our lives have all been changed in so many ways as a result of the pandemic. Loss of loved ones, isolation, business closures and major disruption at schools and colleges. Although the needs of young people have not changed in North Kirklees, Covid has meant that our natural sources of introductions from teachers, social workers and other third party professionals has understandably been limited. In early January, we wrote to all Junior and Primary Schools in North Kirklees (approximately 62) and offered them the opportunity to participate in our “Winter Initiative”. The concept was simple – schools were invited to think about what items we could provide for their children which would help them during the current lockdown. The maximum award was set at £250 per school. The responses came back thick and fast!

Stationery items were popular and these included folders, pencils, pens, exercise books and other small items. Also popular were art supplies: paint boxes, colouring pencils and colouring books. In total we received responses from 39 schools giving away £9,385 in awards.

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