Let June Make a Difference was established in 2015 to honour June Dewhirst. Family and friends of June wanted to build a long-term legacy in her memory by creating a charity to support children and young people in the area where she lived for most of her life – North Kirklees.

As the custodians of June’s vision, our job is an important one. Our mission, through grant giving, is to help improve the life chances of the young people who live or study in our local community.



Born in 1951, she grew up in Ravensthorpe but sadly her childhood was an unhappy one. She suffered horrific physical and sexual abuse at home and was bullied at school. This destroyed her self-esteem but, much more positively, it instilled in her a deep love for children and young people. She was determined to be a positive influence on children and over the years encountered hundreds of children in and around Mirfield.

She worked at a school for children with special needs and later set up a Mother and Toddler Club in Mirfield which she ran for over ten years. For many years, she had her heart set on working abroad and in 2006 travelled to Esmeraldas in Ecuador with the Salvation Army. There she spent several months volunteering with young children and their families where her infectious warmth and generosity shone through despite her learning Spanish as she went.

June was a natural people person who was very sociable and with a lovely sense of humour. Her family and friends also remember her for her devotion to her children and grandchildren and we hope that you have captured a sense of what a special lady she was.



Let June was created by five members of the Dewhirst family together with our closest friend, Colin Bradly. Colin was a cornerstone to our growth and development until he suddenly and very sadly passed away in September 2021. We miss his friendship, clear thinking and his vision for the future.

Andy Glennon was appointed as a Trustee in 2016 bringing enthusiasm, balanced judgement and considerable financial acumen to our Board.

Initially, our main challenge was working out how to identify children and young people that could benefit from Let June’s support. We started by introducing Let June to a range of school teachers and college leaders, social workers, faith leaders and sports clubs. Through this network, we have been able to tell the story of Let June and share our vision for the charity.

We have been overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and kindness and for the time they have given to help us grow our understanding of young people’s needs.


We recognise that no two situations are ever the same and getting to know the professionals who work alongside young people to talk through each application has been an important part of our development. We look to achieve this through our involvement in local schools, other local charities and Kirklees Social Services.

Let June also benefits from the advice and guidance of our charity ambassadors, Matthew Burton and Mohammed Mamaniat. Matthew is a headteacher at a secondary school in North Kirklees. He helps us to understand the challenges faced by schools and where the funding gaps exist between school and home. Mohammed has recently joined us and has extensive experience of working with young people through his time at Kirklees College and EDI, which is the focus of his current role with the government.

We have also been involved in initiatives alongside other local organisations including One Community and the Jo Cox Foundation and we are members of Third Sector Leaders Kirklees.


We are proud to say that our grant giving has grown year on year and we are approaching over 400 awards to young people up to the age of 17 and given away nearly £100,000.


2020 forced us to think differently and during the Covid-19 lockdowns we ran special projects that provided emergency funding to support the most vulnerable children with essential equipment to facilitate home learning.


Our vision is simple. We believe that Let June can have a long-lasting, positive impact on the lives of children living and studying in North Kirklees.

We aim to give away £25,000 each year in awards that will enrich the lives of the children we support and, in some way, big or small, make a difference to their lives.

We foresee that life after Covid-19 is going to be a struggle for many children and young people and will be working to help them in the most relevant way possible.

We work on a referral basis and would like to invite all professionals working with young people in North Kirklees to get in touch to find out about how we can help.

Please look at making an application here.